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The need for someone to look after your property and pets in your absence is as old as the human race.  But reliability has always been a main concern.  Trustworthiness is always a challenge as you open up your home to strangers.

After all, you open up your life when you ask someone to look after your property, your extended family and your pets.  (I found that pets adapt better to their owners being away when they remain in their own environment.  Being send off to a kennel is often traumatic).

Everyone feels that no one can look after his/her own property and pets better than themselves.  Because of this situation I suggest a meeting with me to discuss your specific needs and requirements before making an informed decision.

It is a very difficult and challenging decision to involve a family member or even a friend or neighbour to look after your home and pets, therefore my recommendation is to involve Executive House Sitting, a professional house/pet sitting service.

Jeanette Vockerodt
Jeanette Vockerodt 

Being an animal lover, from years back I became known among my peers for my house sitting and pet sitting services.  It became a regular thing for me to house/pet sit for my friends during their holidays and weekends away because I love spoiling people and doing things for them.

My services soon turned into a professional business.  This super nanny also loves children and during my years of house/pet sitting for customers, I had the great opportunity to also look after their children. I became very aware of safety and security around when I house sit and during 2009/2010 I became very aware of the safety and security requirements around house sitting.

I have a passion to care for people, children and animals.  I love looking after and taking care of your family, pets and home. I want you to go away stress free with the knowledge that I have your best interests at heart.

You deserve only the best.  I am grateful to be part of families and their routine, taking care and managing their homes when they are away.  Allow me to take over this responsibility from you during your time away.

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