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Home safety and security tips – Safety First by Executive House Sitting

Number 1
Never leave the following items nearby any windows, even if there’s burglar bars in front of the windows: cell phone, watches, jewelry, keys, laptop or anything valuable which can easily be carried away.

Number 2
Never leave door keys in the door or hanging next to the door.

Number 3
Use a house sitting service like Executive House Sitting to look after your home and your pets and also join your local neighbourhood watch.

Number 4
Always make sure your rubbish bin is returned after it has been emptied as burglars hide
themselves and their stolen goods in these bins.

Number 5
Keep the trees and plants in your garden neatly cut in order to prevent any burglars from hiding behind it.

Safety tips by Executive House Sitting Port Elizabeth

Burglar opening up Window

Number 6
Install perimeter fencing and alarm/beams at your property. Your number one responsibility for you and your family is to prevent any unauthorized persons from entering on your property in the first place.

Number 7
Get to know your neighbours

Number 8
Install alarm security system and use it! These alarm systems have great features which can be used to activate the alarm during night/day while you are at home and while your pets are walking around inside the house. Remote panic buttons are a great way to keep yourself extra safe.

Number 9
Do not open the gate for any persons you do not know

Number 10
Teach your domestic worker and gardener about these home safety tips and make sure they are also safe while you are at work.

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