Ten reasons why you should use our services

Number One
Executive House Sitting is a professional house/pet service. Professional defined: A person engaged in a specific activity as one’s main, paid occupation rather than a pass time.

Number Two
You and your family are important to us.

Number Three
EHS manages your home while you are away.

Number Four
Executive House Sitting in Port Elizabeth designs custom packages to suit your individual / family needs and requirements.

Number Five
Home safety and security are another benefit of allowing us to be of service to you and your family. We love to see our neighbourhoods functioning safe and happy.

dog walking and pet sitting in PE

Number Six
Executive House Sitting allows you to go away stress free with the knowledge that we are having your best interests at heart.

Number Seven
EHS is the best product for you and the best house/pet sitting and dog walking service you
will find in Port Elizabeth. You deserve only the best!

Number Eight
Include Executive House Sitting into your holiday, business trip and weekend away, knowing we have been part of your going away-planning from the start, during and after your time away.

Number Nine
You will make the right decision by allowing Executive House Sitting to be of service to you.

Number Ten
After all, you open up your life when you ask someone to look after your property, extended family and pets.  Executive House Sitting found that pets adapt better to their owners being away when they remain in their own environment, your home.  Being sent off to a kennel is often traumatic.

Lots of people have been asking us do you only look after dogs??? Well the answer to this is a resounding NO!!!!
We look after all of your pets!!!! Give us a call today so that we can see what Executive House Sitting can do for you. Our number 072 479 8103 or use our contact form.

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