Why are your pets last on your priority list when planning for your vacation?

You say you adore and love your pets and that they are your life and your family, right? Why then when it comes to planning your vacation, are your pets last on your priority list when planning for your vacation months in advance?
Over the 20+ years statistics shown in our professional pet/house sitting service, Executive House Sitting, the majority of pet owners listed pet/house sitting service as last on their priority list when planning for their vacations with zero budget.  But in the same token, they listed their pets, especially their dogs and cats as “their children” and that they will do EVERYTHING possible to make sure their pets are well cared for.

Booking your accommodation, flights, …. STOP STOP STOP,…..let’s rewind for a moment.  .. It all started with an idea, a desire that you always wanted to go on a dream vacation.  Then you started to make that a reality and you made your dreams come alive! You ARE going to go on that vacation you always dreamed of!

Firstly you needed to plan your finances to make sure you can have the time of your life on your dream vacation. Followed by paying deposits for accommodation, booking and paying for your flights and activities and even tours you plan to go on while travelling. The dates are set!! We all know that if you book your flights in advance, most of the time, if not always, it is much much cheaper.  Which is great because now you have extra finances to spend on that dream holiday right?

At this stage, have you even considered starting planning for your pet / house sitting services? ….At this time, you expect only the best service but for the cheapest price because you have not planned for your pet/house sitting service in advance.  But what happened to your money that you saved on your flight tickets? And have you not said that you would do EVERYTHING possible, to make sure your pets are well cared for?

Alternative Options for House Sitting and Pet Sitting

Time is running out. You have less than 2 weeks left of the 5 months of planning your vacation, before your flight departs with you and your family on it.
And now to find a pet/house sitter is actually the last thing on your mind.  For if was the last thing from the start on your priority list for planning your vacation.

And you said that you will do EVERYTHING possible for your pets, and you said that you love them and that they are your children and your family! They deserve only THE BEST!!
Make the right decision, plan in advance and book your pet/house sitting service with Executive House Sitting. We will save you a lot of stress and anxiety and always remember, Executive House Sitting creates peace of mind and peace of mind is priceless!!

Which dates are you planning to go away?  Can we make your booking?
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